AI Optimizes Every Step of the Journey Introducing the Bambi aiNEMT Platform.

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The bold new future of managing and streamlining NEMT (non-emergency medical transportation) requires a new type of platform. One that can handle disconnected data, optimize business in real time and connect directly into the flow of work between dispatchers, drivers, owners, brokers, care facilities, and riders.

The AI + NEMT Platform.

The Bambi platform synthesizes all this data security into a single, comprehensive platform. It empowers NEMT dispatchers, drivers, and owners to streamline operations, improve service, and connect riders to the care they need. Bambi is unique combining the power of the artificial intelligence models with domain-specific data from NEMT experts.

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Automated Scheduling

Say goodbye to manual scheduling headaches. AI can predict future demand and patient needs, minimizes wait times, and optimizes driver utilization.

routing clarity

Dynamic Dispatch

AI algorithms consider factors like driver location, vehicle type (wheelchair accessibility etc.), and  match the right driver with the right patient request.

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Data Driven Managment

AI provides valuable insights into NEMT operations, helping identify areas for improvement. Fleet managers and owners can track key metrics to run smoothly.

How it Works

Maximizing Trips

aiNEMT maximizing trips

Our smarter scheduling and dispatch considers rider pickup & drop-off locations, appointment times, vehicle capacity, and equipment needs. This reduces wasted miles and idle time between trips increasing trip volume without adding significant miles on the fleet.

Minimizing Miles

aiNEMT minimizing miles

Less miles on the fleet means less coordination, less staffing needs, and less vehicle and equipment maintenance. Additionally, better understanding of your staffing and equipment needs to allow for a streamlined operation that adds even more efficiency and revenue to the bottom line.

Whole NEMT Solutions for your Whole Team

nemt owner using bambi

NEMT Owners

Turn your NEMT business into a well-oiled, money-making machine with Bambi’s spectrum of owner-friendly features to optimize operations and prepare for growth. See More.

nemt dispatcher using bambi on desktop

NEMT Dispatchers

From simplified workflows to automated scheduling, Bambi gives back hours of your day to focus on better customer service. See More.

driver using bambi on mobile

NEMT Drivers

Bambi’s NEMT software and integrated driver app is easy to use and provides you with all the real time key information, workflows and communication to have an easy breezy day. See More.

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