NEMT Dispatching

NEMT dispatching with Bambi gives you full command of communications. Synchronize rider requests, monitor real-time performance, and dynamically optimize daily operations.

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Taming the Chaos: Streamline NEMT Dispatch with Bambi

Is NEMT Dispatching Giving You a Headache?

routing confusion

Dispatching for non-emergency medical transportation can be incredible frustrating and confusing. The tedious manual processes and time consuming tasks combined with communication overload from calls, emails, and texts can overwhelm any NEMT pro. Not to mention any last-minute changes, driver shortages, routing issues, or equipment failures that contribute to more chaos.

We Have the Cure.

routing clarity

With Bambi these challenges and headaches fade away. Our AI-powered software assigns trips efficiently and effortlessly, even change them in real-time as needs shift! Our driver mobile apps keep everyone in the loop, on one sync'd platform to facilitate communication between dispatchers, drivers, and customers. Bambi is your dispatch superpower allowing you to win in NEMT.

The Future of NEMT Dispatching is Here

bulk trip upload

Bulk Trip Request Uploads

Mass upload trip requests from brokers, care facilities, or other organizations is simple. Schedule 10 or 10,000 trips in one fell swoop.

Add a trip scheduling feature

Add Requests On -the-Fly and Anytime

Add new trip requests at any time, on any screen in the platform to  keeps your schedule updated. Pop a new trip in the mix and go!

Bambi feature: Audit History

Change Trip  Details, in Real Time

Continually keep your schedule optimized with new information. New pickup location, added wait time, or equipment needed?

nemt van with wheelchair

Customize Trips for Optimal Service

Each individual trip requires unique services and Bambi helps you accommodate riders, pickup, drop-off,  and equipment needs.

Bambi feature: Schedule Change Alerts

Real-Time Reassign for Optimized Staffing

Need to make staffing adjustments on the fly? Staff absences or staff rider requests can be accounted for to keep your day running.

Bambi feature: Live ETA

No-Show, No Waste in Handling Cancelations

NEMT providers hate no-shows. Don't waste time, labor, or trips any more. Quickly get the schedule back on track with Bambi.

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