NEMT Solutions for Dispatchers

Cut time, effort , and headaches on dispatching .

From simplified workflows to automated scheduling, Bambi gives back hours of your day to focus on better customer service

nemt dispatcher using bambi on desktop


Bambi feature: AI Scheduling & Dispatching

AI Scheduling & Dispatching

With one click, “Run Bambi Run,” all trips get optimally scheduled.

Bambi feature: Calendar view

Calendar View

See the full picture of operations in one simple calendar view.

Bambi feature: Simple Trip Add

Simple Trip Add

Add trips to the queue in seconds with a guided step-by-step interface.

Bambi feature: Booking Portal

Booking Portal

Allow clients to book trips into Bambi via an online portal.

Bambi feature: Avoid Overlapping Tripsgrey frame

Avoid Overlapping Trips

Use Run Bambi Run suggested pickup time to avoid overlapping trips.

Bambi feature: Multi-loading


Create trips to transport multiple passengers simultaneously.

Trip Subscriptions

Create recurring weekly trips to reduce redundant requests.

Driver / Vehicle Constraints

Creates schedules only with appropriate and certified crews.

Travel Times

Calculate estimated time to reach the pickup location for a trip.

Projected Mileage

See loaded/unloaded milage for an assignment or day.

Cascading Effect of Late Trips

Show how a crew running late will effect driver’s schedule for the day.

Bulk Data Input

Easily upload your data, including ride bookings, payments, driver and trip info, and more.

Merge Passengers

Merge passengers and attribute all trips to a single passenger.

Credit Card Processing

Charge passengers’ credit card without external payment solutions.

Generate Invoices

Easily collect funds with Bambi’s Invoice generator to send to payer.

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