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howard f. berkowitz

Howard F. Berkowitz
H&S Consulting

Howard is a transportation industry expert with over three decades of experience in management, consulting, operations, compliance, and expansion for NEMT,  paratransit, and transportation companies.

john maselli model 1 commercial vehicles

John Maselli
National Director of Van Sales
Model 1 Commercial Vehicles

John is the National Director of Van Sales for Model 1 Commercial Vehicles (formerly Creative Bus Sales). With over 20 locations nationwide and a variety of vans and buses in stock, Model 1’s sales and service network is ready to serve your needs. John and his team are here to help their NEMT, Taxi and Transportation clients win!

Stephanie Harmon the NEMT Guru

Stephanie Harmon "NEMU Guru"
Stephanie R Harmon, Inc. Professional Services & Resources

Stephanie is a business consultant and strategist specializing in Passenger Transportation and NEMT Services. She empowers entrepreneurs and business owners to achieve extraordinary success by delivering innovative and transformative business solutions tailored to their needs.

"Secret Sauce NEMT Coach"aka Sharnese Johnson

"Secret Sauce NEMT Coach"
aka Sharnese Johnson

Sharnese offers guidance and support to entrepreneurs facing challenges on their path to success based on her own successes as CEO of Optimal Reliability Transportation.


Donte Harris
aka "Thee Home School Dad"

Donte Harris a.k.a. "Thee Homeschool Dad", NEMT business owner and NEMT social media influencer/educator.

Christopher Buell NEMT solutions center

Christopher Buell
NEMT Solutions Center

Christopher Buell uses his 25+ years of NEMT industry to help others navigate their sales, marketing,recruiting tactics, dispatch coverage, and more.

Marina Lofley NEMT Network

Marina Lofley
NEMT Network

Marina is an experienced entrepreneur who started her own successful NEMT business and now helps others achieve their business goals by sharing knowledge and resources.

Te`ya Miles

"That NEMT Girl"
Te`ya Miles

Te`ya is a NEMT beginner coach & consultant with the knowledge, skills, and personal experience it takes to navigate the NEMT industry.

Marc Crawford Swan Insurance

Marc Crawford
Swan Insurance

Marc is a transportation insurance specialist who focuses on proactive risk management for NEMTs, aiming to lower premiums, expand coverage, and enhance safety.

Monica and JasmineMJ Reliable Transportation

Monica and Jasmine
MJ Reliable Transportation

Monica and Jasmine are co-owners of a NEMT business in Los Angeles, CA. They host a series called Van Talks sharing insights and exploring the world of NEMT.

Willena McGee

"NEMT Startup Coach"
aka Willena McGee

Willena is a retired RN turned entrepreneur with the mission is to assist new NEMT entrepreneurs avoid the common mistakes in starting up a new transportation business.

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