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NEMT is a critical care link, but can be challenging to navigate for companies seeking to provide this essential service. Bambi understands NEMT, it's in our DNA.

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NEMT Challenges

frustrated scheduling

Disjointed Operations & Manual Processes

Juggling paper schedules, manual dispatch, and separate billing systems creates chaos.

wheelchair van nemt trip no-show

No-Shows & Delays

Missed rides disrupt schedules and cost money. Automated reminders, real-time tracking, and efficient route planning minimize disruptions.

challenges with billing and reimbursement

Inaccurate Billing & Reimbursement Delays:

Manual billing is error-prone, and delayed reimbursements strain cash flow. We automate accurate and transparent e-invoicing for faster payments.

help wanted NEMT van

Driver Recruitment & Retention

It is a struggle to find quality drivers at competitive wages that don't break the bank. It's another full-time job to keep and retain these good drivers happy as well as keep them engaged, trained, and better NEMT service providers.

nemt driver using phone

Limited Patient Communication:

Keeping patients informed builds trust and avoids those terrible no-shows. Customers need continuous appointment reminders, real-time trip updates, and a user-friendly booking system to handle the needs of modern dynamic communication.

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Safety Standards & Compliance Requirments

Keeping up with NEMT standards like from NEMTAC is difficult. There are evolving regulations at the federal, state, provincial, or local levels that require constant attention to avoid incidents, fines or loss of a NEMT license.

Run NEMT Better, in-real Time

We have combined our expertise with cutting edge technology. Fused together, allows for NEMT with dynamic AI-optimized scheduling, routing, dispatching, and business management for any evolving NEMT company.

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