Why Bambi? A namesake tale (and tail)

From the Disney Forest to Your Fleet: Our NEMT Inspiration

nemt driver using the bambi app in the van.

When dreaming up a name for our NEMT Software, we drew inspiration from the source of all timeless and magical dreams: Disney – where dreams come true.

It was fun reminiscing on all those classic flicks and the loveable characters in them! 

There really is a plethora of endearing protagonists across decades of Disney’s classics, so the task wasn’t easy. What we knew was, the name had to speak to our core values and portray a sense of playfulness, liveliness, agility and, most importantly, empathy — we’re in the tech-care SaaS business after all!

Upon much contemplation on some close contenders (sorry, Ariel and Cinderella!), Bambi stood out as the perfect choice, reflecting those above qualities and so much more!

Here's Why:

Beyond Bambi’s kind-hearted character traits, there’s a lot more our NEMT tech story has in common with that of Bambi’s — you might even say, more than meets his cute bushy tail and big, melt-your-heart-out eyes.

For one, he’s a friend to all. Remember, Thumper, the rabbit, and Flower, the skunk? They form a close bond and go on various adventures together throughout the film. 

Their endearing friendship based on life on the go is remarkably alike to that of the relationships our CEO and co-founder Nirav Chheda builds with our NEMT Software customers. Have you checked out our podcast yet? You’ll see how he’s literally hitting the road with new friends on some epic NEMT trips across America.

This is yet another example of how we feel a strong connection to Bambi. Because even though Bambi’s not human, he sure has qualities of a real boy*, making tried and true friendships. 

*We just had to give a little nod to Pinocchio, who didn’t make the cut — for an obvious reason; we’re not into liars!

And even though our tech isn’t human either, we’re not just another tech software run by AI. We’re humans behind it, with big Bambi hearts. 

When it comes to the tech, though, like Bambi who learns the routes of the forest and the animals that inhabit it, our AI absorbs knowledge about your drivers, fleet and trips to create algorithms that ensure smooth, successful and efficient journeys for your NEMT fleet from A-B. Bambi shuffles the schedule so it’s optimal for all even if it means moving trips from one driver to another. It’s all about that sustainability!

And hey, there’s another thing we’re alike with Bambi — we’re all about lowering our carbon footprint to save our planet’s forests!

Our NEMT Software suite and Bambi both share the purpose of bringing care to navigation. Just as Bambi navigated through the challenges of the forest with the help of friends and guidance from his mother, our NEMT software helps NEMT business owners navigate the complexities of driver scheduling, routing and dispatching through the ease-of-use of our platform.

Both Bambis, the spry little deer and our swift AI are efficient at navigating and supporting systems to ensure the well-being and safety of those they serve — be it a rabbit or your big-hearted drivers picking up patients to get them to their medical appointments to receive the care they need.

It’s one of the best namesake tails or, rather, tales, if we do say so ourselves. One based in tried and true friendships (and friendly tech) and navigating new territory seamlessly together (with the support of AI). 

All in all, we’re more than happy with the name we’ve decided to call ourselves. It’s one we can grow into, run with and remain forever young in heart. It’s the youngsters that keep their hooves on the tech anyway. 

So you can always trust that our NEMT Software will stay up with the times and remain timeless, like any Disney classic.

Now, Run Bambi Run!

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