Our Mission and Values

The Bambi Mission

We’re on the mission to bring carefully-designed tech to the caretaking industry, sustainably  — through an AI-optimized system that ensures the well-being and safety of those it serves.

Our Core Values:


.Maybe you’ve noticed. We like to play. We’re fun! From our name — based on the most famous, playful and endearing deer —  to our lingo (and puns), team and tech, the value of playfulness is core to our identity. We know the NEMT and caretaking industry is serious business and a lot of hard (and heart) work, which is why we believe a tech platform should be fun and easy — to balance it all out.It’s in play where we cultivate creativity and innovation. And since we’re all about providing our customers with the best-in care-tech, we’ll always aim to innovate, creatively and beyond. And if that means we’ve got to play more to stay more on top of our game, we will. Do you double dog dare us? Some say that our NEMT Software suite is reminiscent of their favorite childhood playground. It’s fun to run around in, especially tagging that button and shouting, “Run Bambi Run!” Go on, give us a go and play.


We care. A lot. We’re in the tech-care SaaS business after all! And we know our customers care a lot about their customers, too. You’re in the caregiving business after all (yes, we know we said that twice). We’re not just another NEMT Software run by AI. We’re humans behind it, with big Bambi hearts. We’re all about bringing humanity into tech. And so we bring our whole selves  — the blood, sweat and tears (of joy) knowing the tech we’re creating, building and shipping to our customers is helping them help their customers.It’s literally moving. Bambi, shuffles your scheduling around to make for more efficient journeys, moving your drivers along their routes to take your customers to make their medical appointments. It’s all just so moving emotionally to see all the love go ‘round and ‘round.


The ability to be flexible, adaptable and responsive to change or unexpected situations is a core value that’s so integral to our being. Bambi was a spry and nimble deer navigating the forest’s flora and fauna with grace and that’s the vibe we strive to emulate. Always.This characteristic isn’t something we just live by, we build by it, too. We’re constantly iterating and innovating our NEMT Software to create the most seamless user experience possible. This way our customers can trust that our agile system will support them on the go and on the road when inevitable life hiccups come into play (and see, there’s that fun word again we like so much!)


Here’s that golden value that everyone raves about – and for good reason! It's what every solid and trusting (no, duh!) relationship is based on. As we’re all about bringing that human into what we do, trust definitely comes with it. Not only do we want to keep innovating on a NEMT Software that you can trust, but you trust us, too — to always provide the highest caliber of innovation and AI technology which will help streamline your business so then your customers continue to trust you, too!Maybe best we just call it the circle of trust!

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