Meet Our Deer 'Dear' Customers: Bambi NEMT

From Startups to Veterans: How Bambi Empowers NEMT Businesses

nemt driver using the bambi app in the van.

Our Deer Dear Customers

At Bambi, we have a soft spot for humans and software, which is why we designed a human-centric, AI-powered, all-in-fun non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) platform that helps our customers help theirs. 

And not only are our customers at the forefront of our minds when we build and ship new features that help streamline their NEMT businesses, we hold them near and deer (see what we did there?) to our hearts. 

In fact — and a very fun fact it is — we call our customers our “dears” as a play on words with the term of endearment and the animal, because Bambi could always use more dear friends in the NEMT forest. Also, because we dearly admire our customers’ big Bambi hearts doing the compassionate and heartwork of caretaking for people in need of medical care. 

We know it takes courage to be out on the road on a daily basis getting people to and from their appointments safely. It’s endearing work, so we’ve created a system that allows our dears to be more off screen and in real life enjoying live face time with their customers. 

For those in the NEMT business or thinking about it, it’s helpful to know that our dears range from first-time NEMT business owners to seasoned veterans. Because just like the Disney classic, Bambi is a platform for all! Let’s get to know some of these dear customers of ours so that you can see how you can be one of our nearest and dearest Bambi dears, too.

NEMT Entrepreneur

Starting a new business isn’t easy. It’s a daring, but endearing endeavor, especially if it’s one in the business of caretaking, like NEMT organizations. The dear founders that found us are leveraging Bambi to kickstart their new NEMT ventures with ease. Many have said that Bambi’s simplicity made it far less daunting to not only enter a new industry, but their market of new customers, too. 

It’s due to the fact that we prioritize simplicity. Too many tech platforms these days have too many bells and whistles to ring and whistle. Bambi cuts back on frills so founders don’t get lost in a forest full of features, letting the platform and Bambi run for itself. This way, these founding dears can focus on the fun of starting and watching their new businesses grow. Learn more how to Start Your NEMT with Bambi.


Many of our dear scale-uppers, as we call them, already know the ins and outs of the NEMT industry and have at least one business under their belts. Most have been using an NEMT software before, but switched to Bambi for its softness and ease-of-use in optimizing and automating their day-to-day scheduling, dispatching, managing (and growing) their fleet and customer bases. 

It’s because our platform allows for easy scaling. Duplicating workflows, journeys and processes is as simple as making a few clicks. Bambi really does help keep everything organized whether you have just a couple of local drivers or a few hundred across the country. And it’s been super rewarding to see some of our dear scale-uppers grow their NEMT business across multiple cities and even state lines. See how Bambi can help you Scale Your NEMT.

Seasoned Professionals 

These dear veterans on the road have been in the business for a decade or more. In fact, some of them were doing the analog work of scheduling, dispatching and fleet management long before SaaS was even a thing, let alone brought to the NEMT industry! They love Bambi because it allows them to get off paper (yes, to saving those trees!) and get digitized.

Because when a human-centric AI-powered platform is involved, there’s zero room for human error like double booking (due to a smudge in handwriting). And even though pen works better for some things like signing on dotted lines, our seasoned veterans prefer our platform knowing Bambi is optimizing their drivers’ schedules and customers journeys, saving them time, gas and miles of their fleet on the streets. Check out how we can SuperCharge Your NEMT with Bambi.

A Growing Dear Community

Well that’s it folks, those are some of our dear customers that know and love our product. We are growing our community of dears on the daily, and would love to add you to our dear family, too — that is, if you’re keen to get off the screen and live life in the green, making that green, too!

The world knows the world could use more helping caretaking hands in it, so when you’re ready, let us give you a hand in helping you start, scale, streamline and sustain your businesses, sustainably.

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